The Public Outcry for 

​Targeted American Citizens . . .

February 25, 2016

The Attempted Destruction of a Whistleblower

     In 1995 and 1996, Dr. Corkin Cherubini became one of the most noted human rights WHISTLEBLOWERS of the latter 20th Century.

     He and his family have, for twenty years, paid an  

​exorbitant price for his WHISTLEBLOWING, which

concerned exposing unfair hard racial tracking in

public education.

     Unfortunately, the trials of a world noted

politician and educator may never be fully known or understood until people are willing to believe that electronic, biological, and chemical weaponry is being used to punish and control innocent citizens who have challenged a systemic evil.

     Would Dr. Cherubini  BLOW THE WHISTLE again?  "Yes.  Definitely, yes!"

A Spouse's Perspective

Government 'Gang Stalking' Breeds Chaos and Confusion--

The Precursor to TOTAL DESTRUCTION . . .

​     Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, and many more warned us of the rise of the military industrial complex and, of course, the covert agencies that make the resulting police state possible.  If we heard the warnings, we chose to ignore them.

     Writers, human and civil rights leaders, whistleblowers, activists, thinkers, dissenters, and politicians began to die, or they were stalked, harassed, and tortured until living seemed worse than death.  Even a President, who used more than rhetoric in his efforts to curb a mushrooming military/paramilitary, was murdered.

     Nazi/Stasi type police state tactics (not dissimilar from KKK tactics) were adopted for America.  The program is called COINTELPRO, an acronym for Counterintelligence Program.  FBI whistleblower, Ted Gunderson, in a sworn affidavit, says that COINTELPRO exists today, but it is more covert and more powerful than ever.  This newer and far more atrocious form of COINTELPRO is often called "gang" stalking.

Targeting a Whistleblower

     My husband, Corkin, blew a very loud whistle concerning illegal racial segregation in 1994-1995, and we suspect the "targeting" began during that period.  But, since we lived and worked in a fairly remote area of the South, we were led to believe the pranks, the vandalism, the villification, and the potentially deadly episodes that occurred were tactics employed by a strong residual KKK element.  (At that point in our lives, we had never heard of COINTELPRO, "gang" stalking, or the government targeting (for surveillance, experimentation, death, etc.) of law abiding American citizens.

     From 1995 until today, we have experienced literally thousands of horrible--often deadly--physical and emotional assaults and numerous episodes of vandalism and harassment.  These tactics are meant to create terror as well as physical and emotional torture for the subject of the attacks.  Needless to say, they fit perfectly into the government "gang" stalking framework we have only recently learned about. 

     I have not gone unscathed (everything from a deadly assortment of actual and very near driving "accidents" to being electronically blasted in my back yard).  Corkin was the symbolic whistleblower of the mid-90's, and continuous assault on his person has been formidably inhuman.  It must be noted here that much of the assault has been covert, as one would expect from covert forces.  We suspect massive amounts of internal damage to areas like the brain, stomach, joints, skin, throat.

    After WW II, Nazi war criminals--scientists--were secretly imported to America under the auspices of Operation Paperclip.  Many of these "scientists" had been experimenting with methods of mind control using drugs, chemicals, electronics, and biologicals.  A number of the MK Ultra projects utilized these "weapons" in an effort to probe the human mind and control the human subject(s).  Today, the technology has been perfected, and "researchers" for the "rogue" military/police state have untold amounts of such weaponry at their disposal to use on unwitting American citizens.

     The history is terrible enough, but living every day in the middle of almost non-stop attacks by thousands of perpetrators, spies, mercenaries is like living in an internment camp where physical and mental torture are administered 24/7/365.

​"Gang" Stalked for Following the Law

     I have had the horror of witnessing such attacks on my husband from the time he blew the whistle on illegal racial segregation in the public schools!  Government "gang" stalked for doing his job, for following the law.  I see huge problems in a country that legislates laws for equity, then harasses, terrorizes, and tortures those who follow the law.  What is the message here?  Are our laws but a sham?

     Forces of chaos, confusion, death, and destruction have made a travesty of humane life for millions of Americans as well as millions more people overseas.

     The assault I have witnessed upon my husband as well as myself is worse than that I read about in most historical accounts of secret human experimentation or in political suspense novels.  I usually read several of each weekly.  Perhaps the difference is seeing and feeling the effects of this program first hand rather than through the filter of a writer's interpretation of events.

The Name of the Game?  TOTAL DESTRUCTION!

     The perpetrators wish to DESTROY my husband TOTALLY!  His is not just a destruction of health (and that one area is monstrously huge since the perpetrating coverts are using high tech drug, chemical, biological, and electronic weaponry--often remotely--to undermine his health).             These terrorists also attack his mind.  Indeed, the aforementioned MK Ultra program is reputed to have been most concerned with mind control.  Sound frequency (sonar) weapons have long been in use, and today, a certain frequency can alter mood drastically in just a matter of seconds.  Microwave and ultrasonic waves are other often used mind control weapons.  Their power to alter normal perception and thinking has been scientifically documented for decades.  And, of course, this is another area of destruction I have witnessed time and again since the mid-90's.  Videos of various meters tell part of the story, but actually seeing a spouse of forty-five years suffering hours a day, every day--unable to breathe well, unable to move from shock or pain, unable to talk because of throat irritants spread in house and vehicles, unable to sleep due to electronic zaps as soon as he dozes off--are just a few of the ill effects that I observe.  The other and perhaps more damaging aspect is psychological.

Mental Torture Is Most Distressing

     Many victims, if they survive an onslaught of physical and mental torture, admit that the mental torture is more distressing and longer lasting.  Certainly, the MK Ultra/COINTELPRO type "gang" stalking has reached new depths of depravity in their psychological operations (psyops).

     The long term 24/7 covert surveillance; the never-ending array of frame-ups; the total isolation from practically all society (and the extremely dangerous side effects  of total isolation) are rarely mentioned; knowing your family, even your pets, will be affected; knowing that all of those in society and government who are supposed to be assisting and helping crime victims (municipal agencies, law enforcement, medical/legal services) will not help at all--some are afraid, while others are dutifully following orders from a higher command; knowing that the covert forces commanding the "gang" stalking operation have little or no oversight or supervision from anyone--except Congress (and Congress , led by the very brave Frank Church, did try to eliminate such a program over forty years ago); and knowing that these coverts, often referred to as thugs, have unlimited resources, including clear control of the media.  This knowledge burdens the victim's mind with a sense of fear and helplessness.

Society's Loss

     And what if Dr. Cherubini had not been targeted for doing the "right" thing?  What positive works might he have offered the world during the past twenty-two years?  Any answer on my part would be subjective and presumptive.  Yet, from the view of one who has known Corkin for well over half a century, I can certainly imagine that greater society has lost the benefits of his unique ability to see and seek solutions for societal problems, undeterred by those who want no change in the status quo.

     Quite probably, the same could be said about most Targeted Individuals!  Most of the ones we have met are solid American citizens whose intellectual and creative potential has been stunted by the "gang" stalking terrorists.  When a Victim is kept in a chronic traumatic condition; when a Victim is reeling from poisons and drugs placed in his or her home; when a Victim is bent double on the floor, unable to move or speak from induced pain; when a Victim must constantly be replacing or repairing appliances and vehicles that have been vandalized; when at every move a Victim has to worry about being open for a set-up; when a Victim's time and energies must be spent on creating shielded environs and purchasing shielded clothing, expensive air filtration, car cameras, meters, and such; when a Victim feels he/she has a moral obligation to inform the public about "gang" stalking because mainstream media won't . . .

      When a Victim has a list of concerns like those above--plus thousands more--all calling for immediate attention, there is little likelihood of accomplishing much in the way of arts or sciences.  In short, dealing with "gang" stalking is a never ending, full time job, and Victims have had their productivity, as well as their chance for PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS, DESTROYED!!

"How Do You Get Out of It?"

        We stepped out of the natural foods co-op and quickly decided to wait under the store's outdoor shelter for the summer shower to let up.

          A lady of 35 or so was waiting, too, and we exchanged small talk for several minutes.  But somehow, the conversation led directly into organized government "gang" stalking (OGGS).  Her eyes widened as I did a brief minute or so summary.  She was an attentive listener, and after well over a thousand such summaries, I recognize a keen listener.

          A pause, then, "How do you . . . (another pause), uh, get out of it?"      

        I had to dourly half smile as my wife shook her head and said, "You don't get out of it.  It's for life."

        Later, driving home, I was still thinking of the woman's response.  As if one could write a formal letter to an agency or two, officially resigning from the "gang" stalking program, and perhaps follow up with a similar proclamation in the public announcement section of the local newspaper.  

 ​         We are told--and taught throughout our lives--to get out of a bad relationship.  Witness how many attorneys will help us out of a bad marriage for $200.  If we really hate a job, a simple letter of resignation is all that's necessary.  Sometimes, two words will do:  "I quit!"  ​A bad neighborhood--you move.  A lemon car--you trade.  And so forth . . . .

          OGGS, however, is for life!

         It is often described as an electronic prison, and so it is.  24/7 electronic surveillance.  24/7 electronic torture and terror.  Often, it occurs because a Victim has blown a whistle about government illegalities.  (My own whistle blowing was about illegal segregation.  I was immediately put into the stalking program, while the perpetrators of illegal segregation in public schools were never touched!)

"How do you . . . get out of it?"

        The odds of getting out of a Nazi concentration camp may be analogous.  The odds of Leonard Peltier getting out of prison for a crime he did not commit are also analogous.  The odds of nine million women murdered as "accused" witches may also be analogous.

        Oddly, a runaway slave in the 1800's may have had a better chance for escape than a "Targeted Individual" under electronic surveillance 24/7.  (But today, it is a tragic commentary on American society that the descendants of African-American slaves can now be enslaved electronically.)

           The concept of man's enormous appetite to  inflict pain and suffering upon others is one that is all too prevalent.  Sentences, paragraphs, pages devoted to expressing what writer Iris Chang said in several words says it all:

"Civilization is tissue thin."

          And it only takes a covert program like Organized Government "Gang" Stalking spreading across the globe (and even to Iris Chang, herself!) to illustrate how the thin tissue ​has  been shredded--maybe beyond repair!

Vandalism Part of the



    January 13, 2018

     We left home going to the mountain early Saturday morning.  Enroute, a big truck coming our way crosses the yellow line several feet and just stays there.  We moved as far right on the highway as possible, but there was no shoulder.  Of course, we thought our car cam had recorded the action.

     Once home, we decided to view what had happened and then record it.  Surprise!  No SD card in the camera.  I always replace SD cards if I remove one, so what is going on?  Oddly enough, the camera was on the floor when we got into the car.  I wondered why it had fallen.  Also, I noticed that the camera was somewhat twisted from its connection.  Was that the result of a fall to the floorboard?  It had never occurred before if a camera fell from the connection overheating.

      I concluded that someone (not us) had tampered with the camera as they attempted to remove the SD card, thus disabling any record of the kind of potentially dangerous highway games the perpetrators love to play.

     Missing SD card in the car cam?  My guess is vandalism.


The Torture Report

  This torture report will begin with today and continue in a random manner.  In a short presentation like this, know that the surface will hardly be scratched, even though I will certainly mention the more painful, more lurid, and more pervasive torture tactics.  I'm sure, for that matter, that Tim Trespas, in 1,000 verite videos, can but scratch the surface of this government driven torture program.

September, 2015

     At this very moment, I sit in my chair with the shin bones in both legs aching.  The pain awoke me some four hours ago.  On a scale of 1-10, the pain estimate might be around 6; it nags constantly.

    I need to mention that none, not one, of the symptoms I mention go back more than three years.  That was when the heavy, more overt targeting began.  Before that, I was extremely healthy;  I ate an organic, near vegetarian diet, exercised regularly, and experienced hardly any pains--ever.  My medical history will support this (as should the 24/7 surveillance).  Most of the torture appears to be remote (through the walls of my home and/or involving often complex, in home/car delivery systems).

     Also, as I sit here, each breath seems to be burning hot​ to my sinuses, my throat, my lungs, and my mouth.  Even my eyes are burning.  This is ongoing and continual most every day.  Throat lozenges and cool liquids help, temporarily.  On the pain scale, at least a 7.  Are microwaves superheating the air around my nose?  Maybe, but in this report I won't even attempt to explain the mechanics of torture, since much is still experimental, unknown by most all of us, and there may be multiple delivery systems that effect the same symptoms!

     Also this morning is the headache that seems to be a throbbing skull pain, both in the top middle and at the front left, just above the temple.  Pain index on this fluctuates from about 3 up to 9 or 10, for what is now brief periods for the higher estimates.  Still, the frequency and pain index are increasing regularly.

     Twice during this writing, I have got up, and, as usual, there is a feeling of nausea accompanied with a revolting taste that seems to emanate from stomach and lungs.  Also, today, my entrails seem to be "loose"--an odd description, certainly, but the sensation is that stomach parts are not well connected.  This sensation is at its worst after what may be sonic weaponry attacks.  The house and everything in the house seems to be vibrating.  Frequency meters affirm low readings of 1.8 HZ to 10 HZ, for the most part, and an ultra deep rumbling usually accompanies the low readings. Stomach pains are usually 3 or 4 on the pain scale--but, excruciating 10's are not uncommon.  Again, for 68 years, I never experienced any real stomach pain until the overt targeting began.

     As I continue to write, the array of noise in my ears/head/brain finally reaches a conscious level.  The noises are so constant and multiple that they become an integral part of the psyche--whirring, deep banging, screeching, with many levels and even electronic music type lines.  At times, these are very hard to ignore because they can and do create hearing problems.  At other times, 5, 6, 7 tonalities whirring at once becomes almost orchestral (the orchestra from Hades).  Zero on a pain index, but annoying, and quite often, a hindrance to any conversation.

     Hay fever and allergies had totally disappeared after adopting an organic whole food regimen over thirty years ago.  But suddenly, an advanced form of streaming nasal drip, sneezing, and coughing up a watery mucous is all too frequent.  This occurs any month of the year.  Again, no pain, but 99% annoying.

     The items mentioned above are just those I have experienced today.  Tomorrow could bring a different set of symptoms to add to the ones previously described.  Whether just annoyance or pain like that associated with being beaten on the skull with an iron pipe, these are just a few forms of everyday TORTURE that many, if not most, TARGETED INDIVIDUALS experience each day--all day.  But there is more . . .

October 2015

     Today, I will present a short list of some the most torturous times for us.  I am hoping these will be exemplary of and informative about the scope of government torture on home soil.

     A major set of incidents that created pain, chaos, and temporary relocation was the result of Directed Energy Weapons,  or DEW's.  Probably, Laser or Maser type guns or energy capable of penetrating a brick home and totally debilitating the Target.  I was hit three times in the morning, all relatively light, but stopping movement for quite some seconds.

     Upon retiring that night, however, a fourth pulse, or beam, seemed to stop the functioning of every organ in my body--including brain and heart.  For many seconds, I was prone, unable to move and hardly able to breathe.  Many minutes later, I got to our lightly shielded closet and spent the night--totally blind for the first hour.  Some maintain that a satellite can deliver such a beam, but I had the feeling that it was delivered by hand, from the woods 25-30 yards behind our home.

     Vision, heart, and most other organs became seemingly normal by morning, except that not more than a few days later, a heavy pressure on my lungs became evident.  This has become worse during the year and one half since.

     The next day, we drove 1,200 miles to a summer residence, hoping the change would have a positive effect.  And for a day or so, it did.  Then, the attacks began again, in every room of the house, including the basement.

     We returned to our primary residence, and the house seemed to be filled with some type of debilitating chemical.  Calls to EPA, CDC, Poison Control, and other government and private entities provided no respite.

     Three weeks later, my wife was thrown to the 

ground as she stood waiting for my mom's

small dog to go  to the bathroom.  She thought  

the chemicals had gotten to her, but a review 

of the security camera told a different story.

View the event at the left.

November 2015

     Why did all this TORTURE begin?  

     Young and ignorant, just 20 years ago, I did a run for public office--superintendent of schools--against the wishes of everyone in the power structure.  I was an outsider in this deep South community.  Even though I had lived and taught there for over 20 years, I had a strange four syllable name ending in a vowel that had people wondering if I were "Hinduistic" or Italian.  (My dad was Italian.)

     The power structure candidate lost the election, and as new superintendent, I did nothing to upset the "power structure."  Doing nothing when much needs to be done is difficult.  Actually, I was looking around and learning, making notes, and preparing to do something.

     Something small, I thought, like ending a student tracking system that began in kindergarten, assuring that many, if not most, of the African American children were placed in lower, slower sections, where they generally remained for 12 years.   For years, I had been told that the children were tested before they were placed, but no test results were ever made available.

    A seemingly small move rocked my world and that of my family.  Even those who tried to help were often attacked.  I did receive outside assistance for a while, and the situation was publicized extensively in mainstream media.  However, as one nearby attorney told me, "You're still in the neighborhood.."

     Salesmen--and many others-- "joked" about the KKK factor.  "Problem with this county you're in, Doc, is they're awfully clannish.  You know, like the old clans."  They wore big smiles.  And I smiled--in sympathy, knowing the game.  PSYOPS!

     It did get rough.  Very rough.  Things happened that no adult should evver have to endure.  But a child?  Yes, children are easier, more effective targets.

     I ended up retiring early--forgoing a contract extension, and taking a significant loss on retirement income.  Well meaning attorneys and even politicians thought leaving the area wise.  And we had experienced enough KKK tactics--or so I was told.

     Soon, we had relocated 1,500 miles distant--ten minutes from Canada.  Life seemed better, but something was not quite right.  In fact, during the next few years, things went awry.  Clueless about government gang stalking, about mind control, about the million tricks that could be played on the unaware civil rights whistleblower, we blamed ourselves.

     Our family disintegrated.  Divorce was imminent.  Hostility at every turn, anywhere we went.  I wondered if the KKK had long tentacles into New England.

     Once we had regrouped and moved to Tennessee, our plight seemed marginally better for a year or two.  Then, the literal nightmares began once again--this time worse than ever.  This stage climaxed in a house fire, followed by the EXTREME presence of fire trucks, police, emergency rescue vehicles, as well as other municipal vehicles simply cruising around--everywhere we went, from Florida to Vermont and even Maine.  Such presence was unprecedented in our experience, as records we began keeping indicate.

  Suddenly, we began finding dead animals in our yard--a raccoon and a hawk that had broken out a nearby window.  In home infestations of honeybees and chiggers. Shrubs and fruit trees began dying, inexplicably. Plumbing problems beyond belief--many thousands of dollars worth, including a hot water heater, with three thermostats turned to maximum settings we never used, ready to explode. (We had not moved the thermostats from their low settings.) Once again, computer blowups that ruined years of work.  Unmarked, military type planes and helicopters swooshing over our home and our vehicles as we drove.

     The list is never-ending, but the worst is the health issues.  Over 43 years,  no real health issues other than an occasional cold.  Suddenly, within several months, hardly a day goes by without a new issue arising.  NOT minor issues,  but maladies that we concluded--after extensive research--that resulted from drugs, chemicals, or electronic equipment a military (or military funded) laboratory  might be experimenting with!

     Once we began using the internet (knowing "they" were with us) to find out what might be going on, we discovered numerous articles about organized government "gang" stalking.  No one site had all the information, but by reading a number of sites, every single piece of the sordid puzzle began falling together.  WE WERE BEING "GANG" STALKED!!!

     We had never heard of "gang" stalking.  Nor of COINTELPRO, its predecessor.  We read on.  We learned that "gang" stalking was a way to ruin and destroy (and eventually kill) whistleblowers, dissenters, activists, or anyone who happened to question those in power.

     Eventually, we met others, some of whom had been experimented on as children as part of the many-faceted MK ULTRA program.  Their stories were horrendous; yet their long-term, first hand experiences confirmed what we merely suspected even before our research provided evidence that some type of covert group was "toying" with our lives.




  Less than 24 hours after a pickup truck travelling on an interstate suddenly swerved toward our front right door and fender for NO apparent reason--almost causing a high speed accident--the car above, flaunting its "death" mask follows in our blind spot for miles before passing and making sure we see his macabre window ornament.  

     For the last two and a half years, we've been toyed with in perpetrator road games, but this pair of incidents is indeed BIZARRE!! 

February 26, 2016

Vehicles As Covert Weapons of Murder

     The twin towers, and that other large building "they" forgot to mention, made the point clear that passenger transportation vehicles can become mass murder weapons in an instant.

     We have long suspected (read:  KNOWN) that vehicles of any type have been favored murder tools by assassins and murderers, especially those who can gain access to any vehicle at any time.

     Favored, because an accident might occur, no matter how safe the situation, and it could be impossible to prove that the "accident" was actually foul play: i.e., a calculated assassination/murder.

     In over 60 years of driving over three million miles, I've yet to hit anything other than one deer, and even the deer I have doubts about, since it was yet another "freakish" incident!  Still, I am thankful about the outcome of that incident.

​     Sixty years of driving over three million miles.  Yet, nothing in my past experience can match the supposedly negligent drivers causing near "accidents" that I've encountered since my targeting began.

April 7, 2016

     To any Non-Targeted American citizen who has not lost a long-tortured pet (a pet who stays by your side, lovingly, as friends rapidly vanish (often vanquished by the Target for the protection of those very friends), take note:  a faithful pet cannot be vanquished.  They suffer, yet, they stay, and in doing so, they become a larger part of you.

Farewell Max, and Good Bye Angel

     I tried to write this 24 hours ago.  Writing is often the only help we can get.  But the blear of tears made even writing impossible.

     Twenty-five hours ago, our Dobie girl, Angel, died in a sudden pool of blood gushing from her mouth.

     I could hardly see to drive through the stream of tears as I tried to get her to the vet for relief.  She died during that fifteen minute ride.  She was only twelve and a half, but we had only heard of one other smaller Dobie to make it to twelve.  She had natural ears and was too beautiful for words.

     She was also too nice, too kind, too humane

for any words I can pen here.  Angel was also

the answer to prayer for a needed companion.

The very covert targeting, that I was NOT even

aware of, had turned a very stable family into 

what approached "dysfunctional," leading to 

near divorce.

     My family knew nothing of MK ULTRA,

COINTELPRO, or "Gang" Stalking, but later,

all the pieces would fall into place. 

Whistleblowers and Their Families Are Prime Targets!

     While separated from all my family, friends, neighbors, and the public at large, Angel was a gift from heaven.

     Her litter mates, 14 of them, were dying, and the breeder begged us to take one just five weeks old.  She slept on my chest most every night for two months, and she survived. 

     For several years, she seemed to lead an ideal life.  Then, the chiggers came.  The yard and grounds and even our house seemed totally contaminated.  We did not even know what was biting us for six months.  At first, we thought bird mites, but a professor said, "No, you would be seeing them."

     We had never heard of chigger infestations, but several people mentioned that as a possibility.

     Angel suffered the most.  We cleaned the house everyday.  We cleaned the yard and adjoining woods.  Nothing seemed to help until winter arrived.  Nine months of torment.  We wondered why no one  had ever heard of a house being infested.

     As soon as we heard of "gang" stalking, we began to read testimonials that mentioned chiggers as a "gang" stalking specialty, along with numerous other vermin and parasites.  Indeed, the chigger bites felt similar to some of the zaps from

electronic weaponry.  Confusion is a "gang" stalking trademark.

​     A little over two years ago, the heavy chemicalization began during the winter of 2014.  Neurological drugs seem to be a favorite--probably from the MK ULTRA experimentation with LSD and similar hallucinogenics.

     Again, Angel fared the worst from the onslaught.  I knew from reading, as well as from experience with LSD contaminated water, what was happening.  I walked, jogged, did jumping jacks.  She could hardly walk.  She began falling over when trying to defecate.

     It was winter.  We spent entire days (through the winter and spring) trying to get help.  We opened windows, even doors, and kept an array of fans going, even though the temperature hit ten degrees fahrenheit for several nights.  Fans and the heater ran continuously.

     Finally, the chemical barrage let up a bit.  I felt less sickly, and Angel had no more problem defecating.  Her coordination seemed to return to normal by summer.  Throughout our ordeal, the only real offer for assistance, after days and months of calling, was from PETA.  All the "poison control" numbers for humans could not help, they said.  PETA left a recorded message saying, "Bring us your sick dog."

     Other Targeted American citizens have also written of the heartbreak of losing their pets as well as their family members to the COINTELPRO type "gang" stalkers.  There are pet's pictures, and even videos, such as the one I'll never forget about a cat named Max.

     I know that many would quickly say that our pets, as well as all of real humanity, that die are in a far better place than what Nazi/Stasi/COINTELPRO America has become.  And while I might agree with such an assessment, I would also suggest staying alive every possible minute as did Max and Angel.

     We as humans do have an important reason to stay alive every second possible so we can every second, every minute, every hour, every day to save humanity and those of our beloved animal kingdom from the likes of government "gang" stalkers!