4. Much of our media has abetted the American assassins.  Media has blacklisted, distorted, and suppressed any significant coverage of the deadly, slow kill harassm  ent program that targets innocent citizens.  Abetting assassins also includes the rote acceptance of the "official" verdicts, which are often issued within minutes of an event and rarely subject to change, no matter how absurd the scenario.  It is probably surprise that much of the media fails to investigate events thoroughly since CIA directors have made it clear that they have control of the most significant media.

5.  That the very agencies, bureaus, and departments that should be protecting our American citizenry are often actively assisting in the mass assassination rampant in America.  The assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King is but one example.  FBI Director, J. Edgar Hoover's "hatred of Dr. King is legendary," says Michael Newton in his book, The FBI and the KKK.  Dr. William Pepper (former attorney of the King family), in his book, The Plot to Kill King,​ affirms that a level of hatred of certain members of our society is so ingrained in members of our law enforcement agencies that it is hard for most of us to believe.

6.  That the essential arm of a mass assassination agenda is an extremely large network of concentration type camps, prisons, and detention centers.  This writer cannot recall any year in the past forty or fifty that America has not had the per capita highest incarceration rates in the world!  A sad statement for any country, but particularly for one that is affluent and tries to police much of the world.  Gene Healy, in Go Directly to Jail, notes that there are more than 4,000 federal offenses, along with thousands more inthe Code of Federal Regulations.  Healy quotes David Harris, saying, "No driver can cover more than three blocks without violating some traffic law . . . providing a pretense for a prolonged detention."  Clearly, all Americans are at extreme risk.  Not just Whistleblowers, activists, peace seekers, artists.  EVERYONE!

     Is it possible that removing a person from all normal society is a form of slow kill assassination?  I would have to say YES--resoundingly.  Professor Michelle Alexander concurs in her book, The New Jim Crow.  If kids and adults on the street are not "suicided" by criminal drug traffickers posing as law "enforcement" (see the film,  Kill the Messenger), they will be forever fighting an uphill battle to survive the ravages of our penal system and then fight for the nearly impossible stigma-free return to a normal society.


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