​The Public Outcry for Targeted American Citizens . . .

Quotations to Consider

How has the course of history changed?

     During the 1960's, "the power to decide the future of the country fell into the hands of knaves and murderers; those determined . . . to wrest power from the people and impose their own will on the country. Their . . . acts changed the course of history."

                                                                               --Matthew Smith                                                                                                                                                                           Conspiracy:  The Plot to Stop the Kennedys, p. 269.

Just how naive are we?

     "Statesmen will invent cheap lies, putting the blame upon the nation that is attacked, and every man be glad of those conscience-soothing falsities, and will diligently study them, and refuse to examine any refutations of them, and thus he will by and by convince himself that war is just, and will thank God for the better sleep he enjoys after this process of gross self-deception."

                                                                                --Mark Twain

Are Social and Political Action Futile?

     There are times when the very futility of a situation provides the answer for what the next  crucial step may be.


     "Get informed about the workings of government.  Get outraged about the corruption that has rotted our republic from the core.  Get vocal about the need for transparency and reform.  There are so many issues in need of attention.  Pick just one to start with and raise hell about it."

                                                                            --John Whitehead                                                                                                                                                                         The Rutherford Institute, July 11, 2016.


Should we be concerned about spies?

     Spies "of past eras dutifully served their masters, [but] their new, intensified, high-tech descendants found there were opportunities to influence and even control their masters."

                                                                              --Matthew Smith, p. 270.

What about the CIA?

     During the 1950's, the CIA became "a loose canon [sic.], a rampant rogue elephant that neither the White House nor anyone  on Capitol Hill could contain.  The agency was a law unto itself. . . . It might well have been described as a form of government in its own assumed right."

                                                                              --Matthew Smith, p. 16.

     "By the early 1960's, the CIA had virtually assumed making the decisions the president should have been making."

                                                                             --Mathew Smith, p. 271. 

     "The CIA apparatus has penetrated every key organization, including think tanks, universities, non-governmental organizations, and Foundations."

                                                                            --Daniel Estulin                                                                                                                                                                             Tavistock Institute:  Social Engineering the Masses, p. 55.

     "The initial research into  mind control in the USA was conducted under the auspices of the CIA.  The flagrant abuse of human rights in experimenting on unsuspecting persons was based on the supposition that the veracity of experiments would be compromised if a subject knew that he was participating in an experiment. . . .  But that does not justify its use--or so said the Nuremburg Code, the tenets of which were used as a legal basis to prosecute Nazi scientists for war crimes [at least those not imported to the U.S. in Operation Paperclip].  However, the U.S. seems to have excused its own military and scientific community from adhering to that Code."

                                                                      --Judy Wall                                                                                                                                                                                   "Military Psyops Against Civilians,"  Resonance Newsletter, p. 10.                                                                                    See also:  "US Nullifies Nuremburg Law," Earth Island Journal, Winter                                                                           1996-97.  Jim Hightower, "Unregulated Experiments on Humans,                                                                                  New York Times, June 19-25, 1997.

     "The CIA mind control projects [Mk Ultra, Monarch, MK Naomi, etc.] represented an assault on consciousness and reality that has not been seen in history . . . ."

                                                                          --Peter Levenda                                                                                                                                                                           ​Sinister Forces--The Nine, Book 1.   

     "They [Project Monarch programmers] are trying [to program] the most difficult personalities to change to the opposite of what they are."

                                                                         --Robert Duncan                                                                                                                                                                          How to Tame a Demon, p. 52.

       Some people argue "that it is far more humane to brainwash a person via mind control technology than it is to torture or kill them.  Others . . . [say] they'd rather be dead than a mental slave to Big Brother!  That is what revolutions are about . . . and . . . the idea behind the US Bill of Rights."

                                                                       --Judy Wall, p. 12.


What are subliminal mind control operations?

      Describing subliminal mind control operations on a German TV documentary, ​Dr. Igor Smirnov, of the Institute of Psycho-correction in Moscow, says, "You can intercept the [radio] waves in the aether [sic] and then [subliminally] modulate every conceivable suggestion into it.  If this transpires over a long enough time period, it accumulates in the heads of people.  And eventually they can be artifically manipulated . . . to do that which this perpetrator wants [them to do].  This is why [such technology] is rightfully feared."

                                                                     --Judy Wall, p. 12.

     "The Air National Guard of the individual states in the U.S. can also operate Commando Solo aircraft [responsible for subliminal broadcasts to targeted populations], should the Governor of a state request assistance.  That means the Psy-Ops mind-control technology can be directed against U.S. citizens."

                                                                        --Judy Wall (from phone conversation with USAF Special Operations                                                                               Command Public Affairs Office) in "Military Psyops Against Civilians,"                                                                            Resonance Newsletter, p. 9.              

How does one become an accomplice of evil?

     "He who does not bellow the truth when he knows the truth makes himself the accomplice of liars."

                                                                          --Charles Peguy

Why should we look for patterns?

     A pattern "bears witness to only what is.  It cannot be wrong; either it exists or it does not exist.  And it points an unerring finger to the truth."

                                                                         --Matthew Smith, p. 102

What is "Gang" Stalking?

     "Gang Stalking, often accompanied by electronic harassment/electronic torture, is used to cause the physical or mental death of the target. . . . This is called premeditated murder, and the ones participating are murderers.  Gang stalking is also called organized stalking, but it is better to call it organized murder."

                                                                      --Peter Mooring, a resident of the Netherlands                                                                                                                     Stopeg.com, p. 2 

Why is "Gang" Stalking referred to as "organized murder"?

     ". . . Instead of murdering directly two well admired literary figures of worldwide stature and thereby run the risk of official inquiries, [Ernest] Hemingway and [Iris] Chang were harassed, gang stalked, and psychiatrically maimed to the point where they found it too painful to live."

                                                                  --Professor (Dr.) Darrell Y. Hamamoto                                                                                                                                     Global Research, 2011

Who can be assaulted by electronic weaponry?

     In a Department of Defense Directive, Policy for Nonlethal Weapons, drafted by Dr. Christopher Lamb on July 21, 1994, and scheduled to take effect on January 1, 1995, plans for using pulsed electromagnetic and radio frequency  systems for domestic Justice Department and military use noted that such weapons were to be used on the government's "adversaries," including "those who are not declared enemies but who are engaged in activities we wish to stop. . . .   It is important that the public understand that just as lethal weapons do not achieve perfect lethality, neither will non-lethal weapons always be capable of precluding fatalities and undesired collateral damage."

                                                                   --Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense

     "Directed energy weapons are among the high-tech arms of the century.  They hurt and kill with electronic power.  Microwave weapons can be aimed at computers, electrical devices, and persons.  They have strong physical and psychological effects and can be used for military and terrorist activities.  These weapons are also part of crimes . . . that almost nobody knows except the victims and the offenders.  Until now they make the perfect crime possible.  No doubt these weapons have a terrible future."

                                                                 --Dr. Rinehard Munzert​                                                                                                                                                               Ph.D., Psychology

     A 1998 news item states that U.S. Air Force General John Jumper "predicts that the military will have tools to make potential enemies see, hear, and believe things that do not exist."

                                                                 --"Microwave Weapons," Microwave News, March/April 1998                                                                                              Cited from Aviation Week, March 9, 1998 

     General John Jumper also "predicts that mind control technology will be used against potential enemies.  The military and government agencies may apply this term to any group or individual they perceive as a threat to their own interests.  Potential enemies may be counter-culture individuals, those of opposing political viewpoints, economic or financial competitors, biological undesirables, etc. . . .Experience has shown that the U. S. Government (the CIA and FBI, for example), has moved against these people or groups, slandering, harassing, even killing them, without adequate cause or legal sanction."

                                                                --Judy Wall                                                                                                                                                                                   "Timeline: Electromagnetic Weapons," Resonance Newsletter, p. 11.