Following are thoughts and observations by Targeted Individuals.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Three Quick Questions

(With Answers)

"What's it like being electronically (microwave) tortured?"

     Try to imagine a fully portable electric chair; wires all around your head, neck, eyes, chest, back, legs, and more private areas.  Also imagine that the executioner is a pathological murderer who gets extreme enjoyment from torturing humans and animals.  Torturing, day and night, with remote microwave jolts that are injurious--causing burns, scars, and, of course, pain.

    How powerful are these microwave jolts?  More than enough to convulse a 200 pound man or woman out of a sound sleep and onto the floor.  The psychological impact is knowing there will be no escape anywhere . . . ever!

    Imagine, too, a United States Congress and Senate that has allowed this evil to persist!


Would I Blow the Whistle Again?

     I'm doing it.  NOW!  HERE!  As these words fly onto my paper.

     Yes, Gang Stalking is Mass Murder and Torture and more.

     Is any U. S. Senator or Representative listening?  I used the M word--Murder.  And the T word--Torture!  Torture, right here in every state in America.  Not the Middle East.  Not Gitmo.  HERE!


But Would I Have Blown the Human Rights Whistle in 1994 If I Had KNOWN the Consequences for Me, My Family, and Friends?

     Yes, I would do it again without hesitation.  Knowing what I do now, I would try to do even more.  As an elected official, I felt (and feel) a strong obligation to do what is fair and right for children and parents, no matter what race, nationality, or religion.

     Whistleblowers (reporters of Truth) are all the hope we have.  Yet, America seems to insist they stay behind bars or in an electronic torture chamber.

     As many are now realizing, such an America may be far, far worse than Nazi Germany or Stasi East Germany.  Are we fast becoming Nazi America--the new Stasiland?


Starting to Get Concerned

About the Targeting?

Perhaps You Should Be . . . 

     U.S. government targeting of individuals (especially Whistleblowers, Activists, etc.) appears to be taking a grave toll on huge numbers of innocent Victims.  One such Victim is a former educator, who is interviewed ("Softest Targets . .   . " on the YouTube Paangelini Channel.  Take a peak.  You likely won't see this guy on the "news" again.

     Should you be skeptical of every torture

claim? No, the torture program I speak of is

huge and appears to have unlimited funding

(resources).  "They" can and do use thousands

of hired  deception forces.  These forces are

trained to confuse and deceive while making

victim claims seem absurd. 

     If this video happens to be your introduction into the subject of modern torture tactics, please, by all means, follow it up with as much related reading as possible, or with other YouTube videos.  Some are extremely eye opening and informative. You will be vicariously experiencing a continuing, rather thematic, American tragedy:  the long, torturous murder of innocent Americans. 

Isolate; Exclude; Divide; Quarantine; Separate!

 There will never be perfect harmony in a society composed of a free thinking populace.  With most of this populace working toward ends that are fair, reasonable, and sensible, such a society can achieve miraculous progress.

     Leadership will be a pivotal factor as will the media and economic structure.  Here in the U. S., however, many political scientists agree that our elected leaders are not only very poor leadership figureheads, but that their very elections may be in doubt as case after case of voter fraud is revealed.

     Who, then, if not the figureheads, could be leading our militarily powerful nation, with its thousands of nuclear warheads and suspected storehouses of biological warfare agents?


     Who is really running things?  We don't really know, do we?  Any guess we might make about who is leading us down a slippery slope will involve some guesswork, of course.  This agency?  That bureau?   Such and such a department?  Again, we don't know.

     Some researchers have spent much of their lives delving deeply into the problem.  They often conclude that a cabal of multi, multi billionaires and trillionaires are the true manipulators of what many term as our police state.  Or military-police state.

   Should we not be thoroughly investigating?  Why is our media not adequately informing us?

Several Obvious Reasons

     *Much of our information is deemed classified (i.e., available to only a select few) by clandestine offices.

     *Hard censorship has quite recently found its way into spheres we never dreamed possible.

     *A  military-police state  seems to work best for its controllers if the citizens are dumbed-down, isolated, and excluded--quite totally.

Isolation?  Yes!

     Please believe that I have endured (barely--for more than fifty years!) a program of organized "gang" stalking and targeting that uses torture tactics, including isolation, that the average citizen has little to no knowledge about.  It is a program some see as more sinister than the MK Ultra and  COINTELPRO programs which were supposedly outlawed by Congress in the seventies.  The newer program depends on ISOLATION and DIVISION in a most powerful form, and predictions are that eventually, most of society will suffer its dividing and isolating tactics.  

     As we view or read the newscasts now proliferating on our phones and laptops, information is lumped into red vs. blue, liberal vs. neo-con, Christian vs. whoever, masked vs barefaced; vaccinated vs. unvaccinated; rural vs. urban, racist vs. woke, etc., etc., etc.  Where will it end?  Humans vs. . . .?  Careful . . . things are fluxing badly . . . .  We are dangerously close to the edge and total exclusion.

     We may feel as if we are alone--lone individuals being beseiged by Bolshevik, Nazi, MK Ultra type forces of evil.  But with the strength of a few millions . . . or even just a few thousands . . . perhaps we could work together, march together, sing together in an effort to avoid efforts of the controllers to isolate, exclude, divide, quarantine, and separate us.  Is that too much to ask?

  We Are Not Rasputins!   

                                                  Off Campus Studies

                (The Rasputin Lies)                                                

   Only eight or so of us were living almost adjacent to campus, but we were miles away from what might be called "typical" students.  No fault of ours.  We just didn't fit the '50's norm that typical students at our school seemed to adhere to, even though this was the mid-'60's.  We could enjoy a Lightening Hopkins album followed by one of Baez's.  Our stacks of reading matter were largely Grove Press publications--Ramparts, Evergreen, and such.  As if that's all it took to be cool.

     At that point, I'd never heard much of anything concerning  Russian or Soviet history except:  Stalin bad; Lenin, worse; Khrushchev, quite wacky.  Of 276 countries, Russia was tied with China for the least favorite (#276) in the U. S.  However, one of the guys in our "elite" group decided we needed to know about Rasputin.  

     The exaggerations and lies told at that get-together in 1965 were little different from most of what I found on the internet several days ago in 2021.

Lies About Rasputin

(Lightly paraphrasing the guy in our group who suddenly knew all about Rasputin)

     "This guy was big--six and a half feet when most men were five feet tall.  He could get mean, too.  But mostly, he was enjoying the Tsar's wife while the Tsar was fighting wars in Europe.  In fact, rumor had it that he enjoyed the Tsar's family and friends as well.

     "Rasputin also went to brothels, and one of the women disemboweled him.  He survived that, and a lot of other attemps to end his life until some military officers plotted a conspiracy to assassinate him.  These officers knew Rasputin was very lucky--sort of invulnerable, so they doubled up on all the weaponry.  They invited him to a dinner, serving him with enough poison to kill a large elephant.  Wine and food were both poisoned.  Cyanide, by the way.  Finishing his poisoned wine and food, he asked for more wine.

     "The assassins panicked, went to another room, and returned with guns.  They shot him, again and again, until finally, he was dead.  Or so they thought.  But he jumped up and started to run out of the house.  That's when the assassins grabbed iron clubs and beat every spark of life out of him.  Pretty gory, huh?  But that's Russia."

The Lies End Here!

     Actually, it seems there is some truth in the scenario above.  Most lies, or strings of lies, are generally glossed over with some truth.

     After looking over Rasputin's story from several Russian history books as well as many internet sources, the truth is that he was seemingly invulnerable, especially to assassins.  But there is so much more truth that has been buried.  Rasputin was quite religious.  He was blessed with the power of touch-healing, and used it to help heal the Tsar's only son, who was a hemophiliac.  Rasputin proved to be rather gifted at seeing through the shady, murky politics (and politicians) that were running Russia amok.  Politicians (like the Bolsheviks) took tens of millions of human lives after dethroning an excellent Tsar.  Not so ironically, the Bolshevik revolution and the tragic murder of the royal family occurred shortly after Rasputin's death.  In fact, he had warned the royal family of what would happen if he were killed. 

Why Do the Lies Live On?

     A Father Andrew Phillips' article, "Rasputin Was a Great and Good Man, Cruelly Murdered and Slandered by Evil British Spies," paints a different picture.  Father Phillips' sources supporting his title statement appear to be rock solid and abundant.  Phillips asks, "Why are these slanders still repeated and believed today?  First of all, because scandalous sex stories make many people rich."

     In his article, Father Phillips finds the media largely to blame, along with a citizenry who are ready to believe anything they are told, especially if it helps to justify their own DARK actions and passions.

     Glancing at notes taken during my first reading of Phillips' article, I jotted:

     "Take a good person (or a near saint) who is trusted and favored by good leaders, then, besmirch, vilify, demonize, and dehumanize, using long-tested and proven slander techniques by scandal-monger operatives to character assassinate the goodly 'saint.'  Certainly, 'guilt by association,' but also murder since the very phrase 'character assassination' implies a murder of sorts.  A vilification so monstrous that the ignorant citizens may 'dance in the streets' after scandal-mongers are finally able to physically murder the victim.  Think of John McAfee . . . or Gary Webb . . . or the millions of innocents trying to save mankind from knavery, slavery, and destruction."

   Rasputin's loyal followers were not numerous enough to save him from demonization by the media.  Nor was this "great and good" man so underhanded, deceitful, and deceptive as were so many of his contemporaries that he could save himself from their villainy.

       Final Note:  From the time of the "off campus studies" until just a few years ago, no thoughts about Rasputin entered my mind.  But then, I read extensively about MK Ultra, COINTELPRO, organized "gang" stalking and was repeatedly stupefied that any breed of man could so torture and murder as those operating these programs (and many others).  A never-ending array of Targeted Individuals have revealed their persecution.  I factored in my own friends and family and wondered if even Grigor Rasputin could survive such torture.  Probably not.

     We are not Rasputins.  Just very soft targets for the dark cabal and their many mercenaries! 


Life in the Crash Seat

     It's impossible to count the times during the past two years that automobiles, pickup trucks, and even 16 or 18 wheelers have veered into our lane.  Each time their actions have necessitated split second reactions from the driver in order to avoid an accident.  With their mission accomplished, these drivers usually veer back into their own lane.

So, What's the Mission?

     The mission?  Increasing the target driver's anxiety.  But a few of these road game scenarios have verged on potential murder, not only for the crash seat victim and driver, but also for any other motorist and passenger(s) caught in the path of an unavoidable crash.  (It might be of interest to understand that a goal of the targeting program is to separate the target from any support, especially that of a spouse.)

Runaway Trailer

     Five of these scenarios bear closer than average scrutiny.  The first happened years before we had a clue that we were part of a targeting program.  It was just before Christmas, and I was travelling a seldom used two lane country road when a trailer detached itself from a vehicle coming from the opposite direction and crossed into my lane.  A new, higher than average curb had just been erected on the right side of my lane, and I feared that trying to cross it would flip the small sedan I was driving.  Little did I realize that there was a sizable drop off on the other side of the curb.  I moved as close as possible, hoping the trailer would pass and miss me.  No such luck.  Bang!  It was zeroed in on me.  The small car was totaled; fortunately, I was not.  In addition to the trauma of nearly being killed by a runaway trailer, the owner's insurance was not nearly enough to cover the loss of a practically brand new vehicle.  At the time, I assumed I was simply at the wrong place at the wrong time.  In view of more recent scenarios, I seriously question that assumption.

Distracted Driver?

     The second event took place more recently in a nearby town where we owned property.  We were travelling to the house on a city street at 25-30 mph. when a rather large SUV coming from the opposite direction suddenly pulled across our lane, directly in front of us.  He missed our right front fender by mere inches.  Once off the street, the driver threw up both hands as if to say, "I'm sorry.  I don't know what happened." As a passenger in a small sedan, I probably would have sustained the worst injuries.  On the other hand, maybe it was just a psyoptic event, meant to raise stress levels.

​Halloween Horror!

     Episode three occurred a year or so later when I was the driver with no passengers.  We had just purchased four brand new top of the line Michelin tires for our small SUV.  Installation that should have taken no more than 30-40 minutes in an unbusy Walmart took two and one half hours.  No explanation.

     The next day, we learned of a freeze in Tennessee.  At the time, we were in Maine, and I was elected to drive down and make sure the pipes had not frozen.  It was a rainy Saturday, October 31, so I drove cautiously.  After 250 miles, I stopped for gas.  A thoughtful fellow customer was kind enough to tell me my front left tire was low on air.  

     Apparently, it had been low for some time, for when I attempted to put air into it, the sidewalls developed bubbles.  I stopped, walked away, and the tire exploded.  AAA to the rescue.  The driver installed the small tire that comes with the vehicle since it was too late for the local Walmart tire department to be open.  Since the small tire was not meant for long distance driving and since the next day was a Sunday, my husband and I decided I would return to Maine.

     At the New Hampshire welcome center, I decided to check tires once again.  This time the front left tire was low.  AAA to the rescue again.  When the driver attempted to put air in this tire, it too developed bubbles.  When he checked the rear tires, they too were dangerously low on air.

     I spent the night at the rest stop, and the next day had new tires installed.  Unfortunately, as soon as I was on my way back to Maine, the snow started.  On the trip north, I drove slowly, cautiously, as the road was becoming treacherous.  My husband had lost electricity and had no cell connection.  I was really shaken when the car lost traction.  The car was headed for a plunge down a 20 foot embankment .  (En route, before it grew dark, I had viewed innumerable vehicles that had met such a fate.)  Somehow, though, I managed to get my vehicle under control.

     By Brewer, I was exhausted.  Half the town was in darkness--no electricity--and no motels seemed evident.  Finally, I found a market that had lights.  I pulled into the parking lot and vowed to spend the night there.  Just then, my daughter (2,000 miles away) called.  She found a motel with a room, and my dog and I spent the night there.   

     So, what's the big deal?  Not only was my life and vehicle endangered by the purposeful (?) negligence of tire installers, but the lives of innumerable other drivers on a rainy Halloween evening.  Most of these drivers probably had children in their vehicles.  Had a tire blown on the busy I-495, I'm not at all sure I could have controlled the vehicle.

Road Rogue

     The fourth murderous maneuver occurred on I-65 south, just north of Birmingham on our anniversary.  A man driving a white Chevrolet sedan with Tennessee plates, travelling in excess of 80 mph., suddenly pulled from the left lane to the right, barely missing our front left bumper. There was no reason for him to pull over so quickly as both lanes in front were clear for several hundred feet.  He then accelerated even more.  We gave chase to get a license number to report to the police.  Half a mile ahead, he was blocked by slower moving traffic in both lanes.  We caught up and got his number.  Eventually, the left lane cleared, and we were able to pass him.  Sometime later, he caught up to us, travelling in the left lane, and as he pulled abreast, he swerved into our lane, causing my husband to swerve off of the road to avoid a collision.  This maneuver was captured on our car camera.  Though I had contacted the Alabama State Trooper office to report the incident, they later told me they had been unable to locate the driver of the sedan.

Madcap Montgomery Maneuver

     The final episode reported here was equally aggressive, but potentially more dangerous.  A middle aged woman driving a blue Ford F150 (Alabama license) suddenly pulled into the middle lane where we were travelling on I-85 east in Montgomery.  As her truck drew abreast of our vehicle, she suddenly swerved into our lane.  My husband hit the brakes and barely missed her as she moved into our lane.  He could not move left as there was a vehicle there.   We could discern no apparent reason for her maneuver.  There was no traffic in her lane.  A mile or two later, she pulled back into the right lane and exited.

Road Games--Psychological Operations

     Road games are certainly part of the psyops perpetrated against Targets.  They are a means of increasing the Target's stress levels and taxing his or her health by weakening the immune system, the digestive system, the cardio-vascular system, the respiratory system.  Stress causes sleep problems, chronic fatigue syndrome, tension headaches, high blood sugar, skin maladies such as eczema, backaches, high blood pressure, anxiety and panic attacks.   The psychopaths orchestrating these road games constantly ramp up the danger level in hopes that the Target will eventually have an accident that kills or maims others, thus paving the way to financial ruin, especially if health issues have not already drained the Target's resources.

     Allowing programs such as these to continue unabated is criminal.  Law makers and those who uphold the law at local, state, and national levels must take action to eradicate such a program.  If they do not, they, too, are guilty!   

Surveillance Stupidity

People joke.

They are often sarcastic.

People use irony.

They may become momentarily "silly" or "whacko" or "cute" after a glass of sherry.

People use mountains of hyperbole and stupendous metaphors.

They may use derisive mockery or "F" type words in the "privacy" of their home. 

Humans sometimes get angry.

Writers often construct "theatre of the absurd" scenarios.

VICTIMS of surveilling spies may resort to drastic speech or behavior to determine if possible robbers, vandals, rapists, murderers, etc., might be watching the family's every move and listening to every word for eventual dirty work by covert perpetrators.

"They" are listening; "they" are watching.  You know it.  What do you do?  What, after 20 years of 24/7 surveillance?

     Almost every human, and many other animal species, know that surveillance, or spying on others, is BAD!  Unfortunately, in 21st Century society, high tech spy "toys" abound.  Pin head cameras, chips, laser surveillance and listening systems, drones, and satellites are but a few of the items that can be employed to monitor your every move, your every word, and some say your every thought.

     Revelations from a number of Whistleblowers and Targeted Individuals attest to the debilitating psychological damage resulting from discovering they have been long-time subjects of such covert surveillance.  Whistleblowers tell us how deadly (literally) surveillance is, for every single citizen runs the risk of being "set up" because of something said or done in privacy.   Realizing there is nowhere to hide from ever watchful ears and eyes destroys our sense of self, our independence, our faith in the goodness of mankind, and especially our willingness to challenge such covert oppression.

     Actually, we should not need Whistleblowers and Targeted Individuals to tell us what is common sense.  Surveillance is yet another atrocity directed at humankind.  We need to understand thatinvasive surveillance is often the prime requisite for extreme criminal operations of all types, and dictatorships, as well as quasi-dictatorships, cannot survive without it.

     Organized government "gang" stalking provides a perfect example of extreme criminal activities carried on with the aid of 24/7 surveillance.  Without surveillance, could the hired perpetrators freely enter a home to spread their poison, to vandalize or rob, or to drug or rape the homeowner--all the while, assured they will not be apprehended and punished?  Not very likely.  

     If every phone conversation, email, supper table conversation, bedroom talk, etc., is recorded and saved forever in massive computer storage, does the creative punster/jokester, would-be family comedian stop the sarcastic jokes and whopper comedic "lies" if he or she isn't quite certain about hidden cameras recording all?  No.  Sarcastic joker types honestly believe that everyone knows and understands their sarcasm, their hyperbole.  Or at least should understand it.

     George Carlin, and a few million others like him, are perfect models of this creative type.  Can you imagine them toning down the bedroom jokes just because an entire agency of spies is after them?  Actually, I can imagine George putting on an even better show if he even slightly suspected sneaky spies behind the bedroom curtain.

     Still, if you have no problem what-so-ever with a few dozen coverts (and no telling how many voyeurs) watching bed and bathroom, the question looms-- what will happen to five, ten, twenty, or more years of covert surveillance records?

     Worry not!  These records will be saved.  And they will be used.  Against YOU!  Unless, of course,   you are one of the top 100 most powerful in the world.  But even then . . . 

     There are, of course, a few "insider" types who know that all is being recorded and that the thug-goon agencies will indeed take every word and twist and turn it for maximum vilification.  These "insiders" will never speak about anything.  Well, perhaps the weather.

     So, the stage is set for the goon agencies, with unlimited resources and little to NO oversight, to conjure up whatever they desire.

     But what if the subjects were Buddha, Gandhi, King, or Jesus?  Possibly these individuals would pose a tiny bit more of a challenge.  But let's not forget--coverts have perfected (PERFECTED!) mind control.  MK ULTRA.  Totally perfected.  Our heroes above would have NO chance against the villains in the goon thug agencies.

     Bottom line?  The thugs will take any, and all, of their bloated spy caches and turn them into DIRT.  Their objective:  humans to dirt.  The pattern is long standing.

Non-Consensual Experimental Subjects

     An ever growing body of U. S. citizens are certain that they are being victimized by the same type of high tech (and low tech) mind control drugs, chemicals, and electronics that were widely experimented with in the MK ULTRA, MK DELTA, MK NAOMI, and Monarch programs during the 1950's and 1960's.  These programs became more "top secret" after the COINTELPRO revelations in the 1970's.

    Recent researchers maintain that much mind control experimentation is apparently an extension of Nazi programs used in the German concentration camps. After the war, American intelligence and military  operatives imported at least 1,600 Nazi scientists, including war criminals, to continue their work under the auspices of Operation Paperclip. A number of these scientists had conducted experiments on controlling human behavior .  The project, an intelligence and  military operation, was kept mostly secret. Likewise, the U.S.'s biological and chemical warfare program was bolstered by giving Japan's researchers from Unit 73l, the Japanese Imperial Army's bio-weapons experimental station, immunity from committing war crimes in exchange for their bio-weaponry knowledge.

     Today, covert experimentation continues upon large numbers of non-consensual U. S. citizens.  They are often called "Targeted Individuals."

     High technology has enabled experimenters to use mind control on masses of the population with great precision, producing emotional changes including rage, ennui, stupor, hatred, violence. Even sexual preference can be controlled.  Seventy years after Operation Paperclip and its Japanese counterpart, the extent of military mind control operations is hardly known, for it hides under the guise of "national security," and as a result, is "blacklisted" by the media.

     The question that surfaces is whether one person can be safe at all when covert forces have not only ultra intrusive surveillance, but the ability to brain entrain and mind control using subliminal telepathy, sound frequencies, and reproduce the effects of any number of chemical concoctions.

I'm So Small

     Since my discovery of Organized Government Gang Stalking just over two years ago and my realization that I am a prime Target/Victim, I have told maybe half a million or so, "It's because I was a loud Whistleblower, of course.

     Yes, one of the loudest of the entire 20th Century, so I really thought my whistleblowing was that important.

     Possibly, it was.  But I have thought around and through the matter for over two years now, and I'm no longer so certain.  Intervening variables seem to be shooting out from many directions.

     For one thing, I have realized lately that I am so small compared to a senator, a representative, a Supreme Court judge, a Presidential family.  I do not deny that much of the major media did a super job exposing--as they should have--an atrocity in our public education system.

     Yet, even as reporters and production managers came and went, shadowy covert forces were already at work.  Even in the mid-90's, it was obvious that coverts with unlimited resources could do what they wished to do:  turn day into night, black to white.

    A lone whistleblower had no chance whatsoever.

     But there is seldom one single solitary reason for anything.  With reflection, I came to the conclusion that I am just not important enough to become a 30 or 40 or 50 million dollar guy.  (Research indicates that each year of 24/7 covert "gang stalking" costs the government a fortune.  Not that true figures will ever be given, but fellow TI's and I tend to peg the taxpayer cost at well over a million per year for each prime target!  (I have been targeted for over 22 years now.)

     If it's not just my blowing a shrill whistle, what else?  Would "they"--the thugs, the criminal gang, the evil ones--continue to hold a murderous grudge against a political family that they had already more than decimated.  I had, after all, been awarded theJFK Profile in Courage Award.

     I read everything I could on that issue and concluded, "Yes, 'they' could and would hold such a grudge.  From every source, the indicators are there.  Not subtle indicators, but enormous red flags.  Flags with IMPUNITY stamped on them.

     One's mind tries to find something to relate such terror to--some parallel in history.  Maybe 9 million "witches" burned at the stake.  Or 6 million Jews gassed and cooked in Nazi ovens.  Maybe millions of innocents murdered in Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Hanoi, and Iraq.

     Two reasons made slightly more sense.  A whistleblower linked to a political vendetta would certainly explain why "they" can muster so much torture and death (even while they lie about "their" torturous and covert surveillance activities and receive not even a slap on the wrist.)

    Yes, two reasons.  But often there are multiple reasons.  My whistleblowing concerned a civil rights issue:  illegal racial tracking in public schools and segregated cheerleading squads.  For two or three years it seemed as if I'd become a symbol of how an administrative officer can try to improve racial inequities.

     It was two or three decades later, 2013,  before research led to the discovery of COINTELPRO type Organized "Gang" Stalking.  That discovery led me much further.

What I Discovered

     The very covert agencies and forces that were linked to both the JFK and MLK assassinations are also the very ones that are strongly suspected by most Targeted Individuals, including this writer, of operating the COINTELPRO based organized "gang" stalking torture and murder program!  It is well documented that COINTELPRO actions of the 1960's and 1970's were designed to halt further advances in human and civil rights.

     Of course, it is possible that "they" need only one reason.  Or no reason--except another live human body to torture and destroy.  However small that body may be . . . 

Brain Entrainment

     How many times were we shown images of the collapsing twin towers in the days and months following 9/11?  

     By sheer repetition, these images generated rage and fear so intense that we readily embraced the harangue warning of WMD's in a Middle Eastern country.  We needed to declare war on that country, we were warned.  And so, in 2003, with the avid support of most Americans, our President declared a preemptive war on a country that had no real WMD's.  Pleas of statesmen to use diplomacy to solve the perceived problem fell on deaf ears.  The military was set to go, and go it did with the wholehearted support of the entrained brains of the majority of our population.

Trigger Words.  Trigger Colors. Trigger Sounds, Smells, Images, or People.

      The phrase, "national security," is often used by our leaders to generate fear that our lives may be threatened if we do not follow a path designed to curb our freedom. 

     The sight of a police vehicle sitting in the median of a four lane highway is enough to make most of us automatically lower our speed and put the cell phone down.

     Color associations.  Black for evil.  White for goodness.  Red for rage. Red, white, and blue for patriotism.  Etc., etc. etc.

     From childhood on, our unconscious minds are programmed by our families, schools, churches, and other cultural aspects of our society to respond to these triggers automatically.  No conscious thought necessary.  In fact, most of us rarely become aware of the effect certain triggers have on our behavior.  As a result, we often find ourselves embroiled in fights, disagreements, wars, unnecessary consumerism, overindulgence in food or drink, supporting the wrong political candidate or cause.  In fact, most of us haven't a clue that we are not responding to these triggers on a conscious, logical level.  Why?

Analytical Thought Discouraged

     Analytical thought is rarely encouraged among the non-elite in society these days.  We are programmed to trust the words of parents, preachers, teachers, politicians.  We are discouraged from questioning their authority and ostracized or punished if we do.  Our brains are entrained by societal influences to follow predetermined courses of action.

     But what if we don't follow the prescribed path unquestioningly?  We are labelled troublemakers, kooks, renegades, terrorists, and punished accordingly.  We're marginalized and rendered suspect, thus powerless, by those who wish to maintain the passive, clueless masses.  And the truly frightening thing is that these masses are dependent on so called authority figures to tell them what to do and why they must do it.  Evaluation of options?  Highly discouraged.  Everyone in sync.  Ideal!

     And so it is with society.  We move with the flow, too often failing to question the direction that flow is leading us.

     Mark Rich warns us in his book, Invisible Eugenics, that there are those whose sole purpose in life is to manipulate the behavior of the masses.  These people do not respond to others as most humans do.  For some reason, they lack conscience; they feel no empathy or love for others, and they are incapable of remorse.  Because such people are bereft of high level emotions (though they can readily fake them), they are unable to develop morally.  To them, others are objects to be manipulated for their own self-aggrandizement.  Superficially, these people are model citizens, and for this reason most of us are unable to fathom the real difference between us and them.   Thus, we are easy targets for their machinations.  We find it almost impossible to BELIEVE that we are no more "than flies to wanton boys"--mere objects to be toyed with until these self-proclaimed "gods" tire of us and eliminate us.

Will we reclaim our autonomy?

     Have we lost our ability to negotiate our way through mine fields designed to destroy our health, our sense of self?  Will we demand an end to electronic harassment and manipulation, chemtrails, GMO's and unnecessary food additives, over medication of our children as well as ourselves?  Certainly not unless we leap off of the "train" leading us to a destination of no return.  The sooner we make that leap, the better, for TIME IS RUNNING OUT!


        We moved to New England in the fall of 1997.   That fall, the weather was crisp, the leaves brilliant splotches of gold and orange and red painted against a cloudless, robin's egg blue sky.  Our realtor called such days "blue bird days."

     But that was then.  Now, what might begin as a "blue bird day" is soon marred by criss-crossing, grayish-white streaks that pattern the sky above us like designs on a textile mill fabric.  Huge jets, spewing what onlookers on the ground assume is just jet exhaust, fly back and forth until the pattern of milky gray lines spreads like spray insulation foam to dissipate the brilliance of our "blue bird day."

So, Are These Milky Gray Lines Contrails?

     Hardly!  Contrails, we learn, disappear in just a few minutes--much like one's breath on a frosty day does.  Chemtrails do not disappear.  Rather, they spread into wide bands that appear to be strips of high clouds (cirrus, cirrostratus, cirrocumulus).  These high clouds, characterized by thin to thicker narrow bands of white filaments composed of ice crystals, are found at an altitude of 20,000 feet or more.

     It seems unlikely that a plane flying at that altitude would be as visible as many of those that can be observed emitting the spreading trails.  More than likely these planes fly in the middle atmosphere (6,500 feet and and above), even though the cloud like trails they leave resemble

high altitude cloud cover.


A Purpose for Chemtrails?

     Supposedly, there is a legitimate, constructive purpose for these trails.  Some say they are for solar radiation management.  The aluminum oxide used in the trails is meant to block the sun's rays, we're told, and thus reduce the heating up of the earth's surface. But critics point out that such an insulating technique actually traps dangerous gases which actually cause the lower atmosphere to heat up.

     Another group maintains that chemtrails are used to modify the weather.  But if weather modification is the purpose, why are they not being used to ward off destructive drought conditions rather than saturating crop producing areas with too much rain.

What's in These Chemtrails?

     The most disturbing aspect of the milky gray layers streaking our skies are the particulates measured innumerable times from fallout and rainwater by various laboratories.  Assessed contents read like the ingredients of a toxic soup: barium and aluminum, confirmed ingredients of weather modification technology. Other ingredients can include boron, arsenic, titanium.  

     These  chemicals fall to the earth, especially after rains.  Plants, animals, and humans ingesting this toxic residue from water, soil, air, and food supplies, shortly suffer a myriad of health issues.  Plants wither and die.  Animals and humans initially develop respiratory problems, digestive issues, and liver malfunction as a result of ingesting more toxicity than their liver is able to deal with.  Certain elements, especially aluminum, speed up the development of Alzheimers and Parkinson's disease.

We're Told:  "Pay No Attention to Conspiracy Theorists!"

     Detractors scream, "Pay no attention to these conspiracy theorists.  What we are seeing in our skies are merely harmless contrails."

    Dale Wiggington's Geoengineering Watch ( has a different story to tell, including the fact that the jets used for the aerosol dispersal do not leave contrails.  In addition, the site presents summaries of government documents and patents verifying that CHEMTRAILS are indeed being used, supposedly as a means of controlling global warming.  

     Clare Swinney's article, "Chemtrail Chemicals Confirmed:  Barium and Aluminum Found in Whangarei, NZ, Rainwater," on, relates her collection and testing of rainwater at a reputable lab that confirmed the typically inexplicable presence of these chemicals.  The researcherRussell Blaylock talks about the effects of aluminum in chemtrails in a March 28, 2013, interview on Linderman Unleashed.  View these sites and others for more knowledgeable insights on chemtrails and their uses.

     Allowing others to indiscriminately wield the power to destroy us by destroying our environment is no different than allowing thieves to steal our valuables.

     We must arm ourselves with knowledge in order to discern what threatens our lives.  We must hone our senses to make us aware that problems exist.  And we must take action to thwart disaster.


Death and Destruction

     The history professor was quite good.  Most of us knew it.  Forty of us.  Some days, though, I was not sure he was so great.

     He hated "commies."  Most all of us did, as well, since our first history lesson as small kids.  We knew that "commies" wanted to kill us all.  We knew that because teenagers know what they have heard repeatedly for 15 years.

    This professor also loved fighting for freedom.  Some of us sort of liked that idea, but we were not old enough to have experienced such a fight first-hand.

    Not so oddly, the professor never mentioned Operation Paperclip since it was still classified for national security purposes.  But this guy did mention our covert forces around the world.

     During one class period, he ran to the other side of the room and yanked down the huge world map, then "wapped" the middle of the map with a pointer.

     "We have a special spy office here.  And one here.  One here.  And here . . . "

     He kept "wapping," and I was having a little trouble believing we could have that many offices all over the world.

     Then, he got that hint of an impish grin.  A rare grin.  The grin he used when asking Alfred D. if he was still going out with Bertie M.

     "And in every one of these countries, our guys are spreading what we call, 'chaos and confusion,' " he grinned.

     Since we were in this advanced class, we knew what "chaos and confusion" meant.  To us, "confusion" was trying to write a term paper without a detailed explanation of how to do it.  "Chaos" was when the gym teacher got called out of the gym for ten minutes, leaving 100 maniacal guys to go berserk.  But our professor redefined the term, giving us a more vivid picture of "chaos and confusion" than we students could have imagined.

     Suddenly, we were confronted with scaled up meanings for "chaos and confusion":  mass assassinations, mass spreading of untrue rumors and lies; blowing up bridges; blowing down buildings, setting up and framing the innocent; burning villages and countryside; poisoning entire cities; starting civil wars, and always, always making sure the covert operations are blamed on the wrong people.

     "That's 'chaos and confusion,' class."  Professor's grin had vanished, and his eyes were mere steel darts.  He stroked his upper lip as if smoothing down a mustache.

     "Not 'chaos and confusion,' " my mind revolted.  "It was . . . it is . . . DEATH and DESTRUCTION! "


 Solzhenitsyn Warns Americans


                                                               --A. Solzhenitsyn

     Corkin Cherubini adds:  Perhaps, even the attempt to educate the brainwashed masses of victims of organized "gang" stalking, which is not simply gangs of bad guys stalking people, but a terror/torture, and worse program--millions of evil players strong.  Yet, the masses cannot accept.

     Only a few pages beyond the passage quoted above, Solzhenitsyn talks about electronic bugging:  "Almost every apartment and institution has got its bug. . . .  We are used to it."

     Solzhenitsyn warned Americans in a public address in Washington, D. C. in 1975.  By 2020, Americans are slightly more aware of the control government exerts over their lives--thanks largely to those brave and courageous ones we often call whistleblowers.

     On another page of Solzhenitsyn's transcripted speech, he tells about the new weaponry (WEAPONRY!) being used to ruin countries or to oppress their citizens in hospitals and psychiatric wards:  "Doctors are making their evening rounds for the third time, injecting people with drugs which destroy their brain cells."

     The title of this prescient speech is:  "Words of Warning to America," published in Imprimis, Vol. 4, No. 9, September, 1975, a Hillsdale College publication.  

     What is so disturbing is that forty-five years later, many still cannot accept or believe the evil taking place in our midst.

Peace or War?  Love or Hatred?

     The peace rally attendance was less than meagre in the million plus population city.  Only several hundred for a city this large?  Much smaller towns in northern New England had drawn thousands to their rallies.

     I talked with a young lady who was one of the organizers, telling her the turnout for this anti-war rally wasn't bad--considering the 85 degree heat index.

     "We don't use that word.  Ever," she corrected me.

     "Oh.  Ugh, which word was that?"

     "ANTI.  Anti is a negative term.  We keep our communications positive, using terms like pro-peace.  Never anti.  Just remember--positive.  Not negative."    

    In just a few fleeting seconds, her semantic discourse made perfectly good sense, and I thanked her for the tip.

     Negative.  I tried not to think of how many times I'd heard the term anti in the New England anti-war rallies.

     "Pro-peace and love.  Pro-peace and love," I practiced to myself, feeling as if I had returned to the mantra of the sixties.  If only I'd taken that course in semantics, perhaps . . ."

     Whatever you want to call it--the Anti-War or Pro-Peace movement seemed to dwindle to almost nothing.  Even affiliating itself with environmental issues didn't seem to help.  Meanwhile, we continued bombing more and more countries, killing or maiming untold numbers of innocents.  The bad news is that there are still dozens of countries left to destroy and millions of innocents to murder, dismember, or destroy.  Of course, if our leaders were wise enough to engage other countries, even the ones we consider enemies, in mutually beneficial endeavors, perhaps world peace could replace war and Anti-War or Pro-Peace rallies would no longer be necessary.

Doo Wop


Government Gang Stalkers

    Does listening to music help?

   Friends often ask.

​     Sometimes.  Well, much of the time.

     What kind of music do you like?

 (Friends always get around to this question.)

     Doo Wop. 

I grin.

     Oh!  We love Doo Wop!

     Well, ordinarily, I like a diverse genre field.  But there is just something nice about Doo Wop.  Especially when you're targeted.

     Yeah.  Like it's so soothing.

     Yeah, that and it transports us back to a pre-gang-stalking era.  You know, America the free.  No electronic prision.  No chemtrails.  Privacy.  Sit in your room and listen to music and look at pictures  of your sweetheart.  No spy cameras!

     I can't quite remember freedom or a life without surveillance monitors or FEMA concentration camps, and all . . .

     I know.  All too well.  Fifties, early '60's  Doo Wop.  Sitting in your old flathead Merc at the Dairy King, out on the Avenue.  We thought we were cool.  We were innocent.  Society seemed wonderful.

     But wasn't that exactly when the CIA's MK ULTRA and COINTELPRO started up?

     Uh, well, maybe it was that same time frame.

     Did 'they' ever kill  the Louie, Louie guy?"

     One way or another, I guess.

     Longish pause.

     What's that one that has a four chord change and starts off:  ooo-doobeedoo--oo-oo?

     Short hesitation.

     You've just described the intro to over a half million Doo Wop hits.

     Longer hesitation.

     I'll know it when I hear it . . .

     Do you think "they," uh . . . you know . . . like do the same thing to all of us?

     What are you talking about?

     The Louie guy.  How "they" spent jillions of dollars and man hours playing Louie backwards and stuff, trying to frame him as a sicko sex fiend Commie--or something.

      Can "they" do it?  CAN "THEY" DO IT?  What do you think COINTELPRO gang stalking is?  Same as with Louie, but a million times worse.  All over America--right now, and spreading.  Spreading faster than a nuclear mushroom.  And just as deadly.

Very long pause.

     Yeah.  One way or another.

     Yeah.  That's what I've been saying.

     Hey!  I remember that song now.  Pain in My Heart.  The Innocents.

     Hmmm.  You sure that's real Doo Wop?

     Who really cares?  This stage of the game?

     O.K.  O.K.  Guess I just don't like references to pain and torture--this stage of the games.